Katie                                                Uluru





“I Am”, the mighty Mountain,

My Mouth a Spiritual Fountain,

Peaked Above the Sea;

Every River Starts in Me,

Running throughout Humanity.


I Am the Source.

I Am the Voice.

All has come From Me;

Spirit Spore in Me.


I Am Everywhere;

Trees of Knowledge are My Hair.

Purity Eternity,

Rest in Me.


Distilled Polluted Oceans,

Restless Troubled Emotions;

Under Sea, asunder Thee.

All You See,

Began in Me.


No religion came from Me!

Only Spiritual Reality.


All that is Sound,

Came From the Ground,

Spiritual Ground in Me,

Grows Perennial Philosophy.


Politics must Cease.

Be sincere ‘Enforce the Peace’.


I Am the Mighty Mountain,

Individualized as Thee;

Spirits no longer Sleep,

Awaken thee from the Deep.


Universal flowing Ocean;

Cosmic Waves in Motion;

Preparing for this Day,

As Sunkara has His say.

As Spirit has a Say!


I come to give the Law.

A mighty Mouth doth Roar.

Time to have No Poor!

Mountains will Explode;

Past, present error to Erode.


Words, Red Hot Lava Flow;

In every Ear will go.

Hear a menacing Rumble,

Material Civilizations crumble.


It’s all been said before.

Now listen to the roar,

Abandon the past

And be Free at last.


Hey! Stay, do not delay;

Please hear what I say.

Be no time to pray;

Rising mountains sweep a world away.


Mankind denies Spirit’s Call,

Old Testament’s Cement walls stumble, tumble Fall!

None are above the Higher Lore,

Consequences Mark each Spirit’s Waiting Door;

None are favoured before Perfect Law.


Forget faith’s god,

From the land of Nod.

Get over death;

Survive to feel Spirit Breath.


We awoke the dead,

To hear this read;

“God”, a simple word,

For all Truth heard.


Brother, Sister be,

Come hand in hand to me,

For Together we will see;

Past the hills of history;

Beneath the sand, beyond the land,

Underneath the sea.


Existence is Spiritual Reality.

In god’s the sea, of you and me;

Free from strife, taste eternal breath of life.


Promise of Spiritual beings, so unearthly Superior;

Devolved Mankind so inferior.

Spirit is all around, in, above the ground;


No single god at all, gods of man do fall;


Guarantee not one god for seeing, no infinite Spiritual being.


Human, who-man?

Religions quite forgettable;

Teachings incomprehensible;

Never ever Sensible.


A Race to clean the slate;

Which hu-man’s now awake?

You do survive;

Past death – Alive!


Get it Straight!

It’s not too late;

There are no dead.

Eventually all be risen up ahead;


More to learn?


There is not death,

Spirit Breath!

The Spirit for all to see,

Returning now to thee;

Even the blind do see.


I am a mighty Mountain,

Grown in Eternity;

Running to the sea;

Oceans of ageless humanity.


All rivers begin in me,

Flowing in and throughout Humanity.


Sense the Planet's motion;

Feel the tow of the Ocean;


Rise up above Emotion.

Confront the Ego, now you know!

For you have found,

Spiritual ground.

Return to me,

Truth has set you free!


I am the mighty Mountain,

Life a Spiritual Fountain,

Peaked above the sea.


Every river starts in me,

Running throughout humanity.


I am the Source.

I am the Voice.

All has come from me,

Spirit spore in me.


I am everywhere.

Trees of Knowledge are in my Hair.

Purity, Eternity, Universality;


All Rest in Me.

Sri Sunkara

© October 2002  Sunkara Spiritualism.  

All Rights Reserved

Published on   December 21st, 2020 / Copyright ©  1998 - 2023 Spiritualism Australia