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DEATH Part 2

We suggest that you study PREVIOUSLY POSTED, DEATH PART ONE the Spiritual Revelation # 94, “Death the Doorway – Part One” prior to understanding Part Two of the Revelation.

Death the Delusion - The writer’s job is to give you the Spiritual Facts.

The Spiritual Fact is the reality of Life. Life does not cease, Life continues.

Individual Mortal Ego is perhaps the greatest opponent to Truth.

Death is not. Death is a doorway. Death leads to Life – Death is the Doorway to Life. Death is delusion in the orthodox concept of death as the finish of you. Yes the body dies. You however do not, you continue to experience life. You are responsible for all you have and have not generated and will answer to your own Higher Self concerning the consequences.

You do survive the experience.

Death brings an expanded horizon, a broader viewpoint, an enlargement of the mind. Albert Einstein stated that man uses about 8% of the Brain but now he has found with no Brain, he is a lot smarter. We will continue to use the word death, however let us agree please that the word now has a softer meaning in the vocabulary. Death, a doorway, is a breeze. It is a passage, a ceremony, a rite of passage, an awakening, a new experience, travel to a distant land and meet new people, so why not prepare for it? Henceforward death means “departure”.

Yes it is possible, though difficult to return to loved ones on Earth via the instrumentality of a medium. There is a facility in the after life you would be directed to. You are shown how to project thoughts back to home, especially from the Astral plane, prior to moving on. The driving force is Love; you are now in a transient location. Under the Law of Karma, Desire will dictate the nature of your life, of learning and of experience.

Death the Dream - The Spirit you, the Soul’s seed may slumber for a brief period then you awaken into the on going experience of life, not death.

Death is passage, a delusion, a dream, a doorway into Life.

There will not be a single benevolent being to greet you such as a Creator of the Universe, no Jesus, no Mohammed, no Krishna, no Moses, no Santa Claus awaits you. The death of the body does not affect memory or mind, education or emotion and feelings. You shed the skin. What remains is you, that which is within you, the Spiritual you, the individuality of the Soul.

From a Spiritual viewpoint once you cross over, it will be as real for you as now.

On looking back across time to Earth and the affairs of the Physical, the material will appear temporal, unreal, fleeting, illusory, for now you are in the world of the permanent, the Real world.

As you awaken from sleep, so you awaken from life on Earth, the actual dream, as it was non permanent. It’s over now, just the trailing consequences of your actions in the physical dream, a learning experience, growth of Character at the Soul level.

You will awaken in the Astral vehicle, your knowledge and comfort with Spiritual Truth will determine the nature of your Survival. You will be guided to a restful zone of Healing and preparation. If you were violently killed or were missing a limb prior to passage you will awaken in a Hospital where you will be restored. Later this Astral vehicle will be released. You will now exist in your pure Spiritual form with the vehicles of Emotion, Vibration, and Mental still in place.

The Astral, now a shell floats into the lower astral realms where it slowly disintegrates. In this Astral world the mental emanations from the Spirit, you, create the apparent physical surroundings of choice and comfort, similar to the American Red Indians’ “Happy Hunting Grounds”, a reflection of the physical, a kindly mirroring of Earth’s religious beliefs and desires. Each Spirit or individual personality carries their own imaginative faculties, desires and tastes within the mental vehicle of the Spiritual body, the Spirit mind.

The Astral can be likened to the concept of Purgatory, a purging of Earthly errors in the Teaching halls of the Astral, another successive phase in the continuity of life. The unaware Souls float around as in a dream, then after experiencing limited aspects of the after life, similar to a mirage, a product of their own thought forms, not actual, return to the Earth plane. Each plane experienced in Spirit is a state of beingness, not a space or a place.

Death the Awakening - Now you are invisible to the world of Earthly matter, but your new world appears physical to you. Your physical ailments, the pain, the debilitating illness is gone. You are rejuvenated, healthy by comparison. Unless you resist you will quickly discover new abilities, new insights. This, the Astral plane of existence, is a world of extraordinary colours, sights and sounds, an in between world, a transient experience, a dimension of experience twixt the dense matter and the pure Spiritual. In this temporary existence you may select places familiar to you or subject to Karma continue on into higher Spiritual learning.

All movement is by thought. You think a change in your location and there you are. The Laws of Nature continue, however the Law and circumstances are different to the physical. You now dwell in a world that appears to have many dimensions.

The severance of the “Silver Cord” at the passage (Death) releases a new organ of sensitivity, which you become aware of. This is the Transcendent organ, also known as the organ of Transcendence, located in the naval area of the Astral Vehicle. As the eyes are the organs of sight to the physical brain, you as a Transentient being have now developed the dormant Organ of Transcendence, which enables you to experience clearly this Spiritual world.

You are now Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Telepathic, Clairsentient, Olfactacent and Glastacent. The organ of Transcendence enables you to know, to feel beyond the physical senses and provides the extra perceptive abilities and vision. Ralph W. Emerson wrote of Transcendentalism, the Wisdom of all that Transcends. As a Student of Truth you are recommended to his works.

You will not have to listen to the screams of the newly arrived Dead, the Souls who were on Earth convinced of extinction and escape from responsibility. They experience panic when the realization of the reality of survival occurs. There is no physical body, only helplessness, how to get around, uncertainty, alone, feeling powerless, scared of the ones who come to guide, not able to trust, fear, grief, terror.

No surprises you do survive, you remain unchanged. If you are egotistical and mean, you are you. Now you are intact except for the physical body which was in most cases just about worn out anyway. However the twenty four hour clock is gone, you are in a new time zone. You no longer have physical eyes, ears, nose, legs or arms, can this be you? Is this survival? Yes it is but you are not educated as to the ramifications and that is why you need the Ageless Wisdom.

When you awaken or at the time you reach the Light you will be met by those you love and have a deep love bond with. There will be Spiritually qualified Guides to assist you along the path which is unique to you. You will be guided to a comfort zone with like minded Spirits, a place where you will be relaxed. There is a halfway house, a reception, guidance, a counseling centre, a healing, and a growth.

Time passes, much learning, remembering activities, friends move on, you may get assignments, united Soul mates on a compatible trajectory do continue. The time in the Spirit world may be 250 Earth 24-hour day years or it may be seventy-two hours or less. Your state of mind dictates your happiness in the Spirit word, so now is the hour to get the correct belief system. Prepare with knowledge for your predestined departure on the continuum of Life.

The guides who greet you stay and work with you. You enroll in schools of development. There are no physical bodily functions to be concerned with, and there is no money, no preoccupation with things, and no struggle for food. Those with the greatest degree of extreme orthodox religious programming have the most difficulty in the afterlife.

We are both Judge and Jury of our self; the Conscience is the Prosecutor. The Law of Karma determines that judgement be according to the highest standards of one’s own Soul, relative to the times, the environment, the role of life on the Earthly stage.

In death you will be busy about your tasks, deprogramming the nonsense, reeducating the self, experiencing, balancing, growing, preparing, and then later reentry to learn what you failed to learn whilst in a physical body. Loss of identity, rebirth, teething, weaning, human mess, discernment, disenfranchment, decisions and again death. All in your current cycle, is it not time to step off this wheel of rebirth?

The most sensible preparation for the transition called Death is to reach out for the highest and best, to seek the God Principle sincerely. Work ceaselessly for others to seek Truth, the Truth of your beingness, to understand the omnipresence of the God Principle, the Nature of Natural Law of a Godly Principle, and your relationship with indwelling God and your fellow creatures and kindred Kingdoms.

Peace blooms in the Heart which beats in Harmony with the Breath and Pulse of the Universe, peace nurtured by Truth & Understanding. Prepare for release from bondage as Ancient Wisdom permeates your beingness.

Death the Passage - Now you are at the point of departure for other Spiritual spheres of existence as if you have settled your debts, received your rewards and now cleared of your deeds you move onto other learning and growth, before one day, the return. The journey into other spheres is determined by the ability to learn, your individual Soul growth and the Law of Karma.

Death the Return - The triune of Will, Love and Intelligence lead to Conscious Immortality for the aware Spirit. The day eventually comes when a decision is made to live immortally in a Physical body or in a Spiritual body in the world of Spirit, of which there are many levels. One continues to grow. Mastery over the need for death, the removal of the need to live, to die, to live again is your ultimate destiny, so why continue the delay? Crystallized thinking only leads to the shattering of the Belief System, immersion in fear, stagnation, decay and death.

You don’t necessarily come back to Earth, however most do. The conquest of death is the objective that is not so easy; there is no death. It is the conquest of return from death and loss of the individuality that is the real death, your point of incarnation.

The ultimate Mission is the conquest of the Real Death.

Now is a good time to commence that which is inevitable.

The Law of Karma, action and reaction, cause and effect, you and the Spiritual Seers, Lords of Karma, read as it were your individual Akashic Record. The Akashic Records are written on the breath of time and space. They contain a record of all thoughts, all actions and deeds, all lives, all events from the birth of the individual soul in the depths of time in the Elysian fields of existence.

The past Earthly life seems far removed, somewhat like a dream you had. On awakening after death there was strong memory and recall, and then the details became sketchy like an invisible gate closing. In this time frame, you return to the physical, a selected experience, a chosen womb, another learning experience for the Soul, a chance to select pieces of the puzzle not accumulated as yet. The Spiritual being reincarnates leaving personality and individuality behind. The Soul retains all.

Spiritual Progression and Evolution is in all. Descending and Ascending from Will to consciousness in Spirit to Darkness, thence to Light, to Ether, to mist, to fog, to gas, to fire, to water, to steam, to wind, to astral fluid, to granite rock, to earth, to leaf, to mighty tree, to egg, to lizard, to creature, to man, to God and in all is Spirit, the omnipresent Force in motion, form, action and reaction. This concept may be expressed numerically, and as here abbreviated, is the living God of your creation.

The music at the close of this Lesson contains similar sounds that many people who have claimed a Near Death Experience say they hear, during that experience. When N.D.E.’s are researched, including all age groups, many common experiences emerge and there are thousands of cases. Most claim walking down a long tunnel toward a great bright light, wondrous music is heard and great Beings of Light are seen. Feelings of tranquility and joy are described, as are the visitations of long dearly departed ones. Most N.D.E. s return from the experience having lost all fear of death. The music, regardless of the truth or falsity of these experiences, is pleasant as background music for meditation and Spiritual Healing.

Death is life - Do not mourn. Emotional grief leaps out like the lash upon the Spirit of the departed. Control the emotion in the knowledge now of no death. Your loved one has survived. Send loving thoughts to the departed, yes, they are deeply missed, hold to the strength which is now relayed to you, the Spiritual insightful strength of Love.

Be vigilant of Fear, which causes one to fall into the depths of selfishness and despair. Fear not which is not. Know that you are known, that all is known, that the Law is Perfect, that Justice in Time is Just. It is so!

When individual, Personal Survival beyond so called Earthly death becomes eventually palatable to mankind as reality, all will seek the heartfelt desire to know Truth, whatever it may be, as long as it is TRUTH and finally from an evidential source that is beyond man, yet common to all, crossing the boundaries of mankind’s divisions.

With personal survival proven, will come the acceptance of the existence of an Angel Kingdom, of planes of Higher Consciousness and a satisfying awareness of God. So also will there be knowledge of the Immortals, of Elder Brothers and Sisters who have gone before us and survived, and the continuing personality of this and other world’s great Christs, Avatars and Buddhas.

In human history man’s contact with other dimensions through sensitives and mediums is well documented. Now we have the unparalleled opportunity as a race, to take stock of our actions and belief systems in the overwhelming knowledge that the mythical has become real, that modern technology has allowed the recording for all humanity of Higher Teachings to guide us out of the pit of Earthly religions, institutions, superstitions and dogma.

Higher Spiritualism is a direct Highway to greater individual understanding and knowledge of the “God” concept in its Spiritual Reality; the straight line through the sophistry of the many paths of theological discourse.

We are not dwellers of the physical for the purpose of Government, nor to amass armies, nor to be preoccupied with material goods, money, power, sex, more money, more controls, more power, nor to have fun as the purpose of existence, nor just to be happy and complacent. Be aware of the Ego, it is your enemy lest you keep it under check. If you are smug and feel you are in disagreement because you know better, be warned for your complacency bears no relationship to universal reality. You my friend are Spiritually asleep and mentally deluded.

The purpose and reason for your life is to find God, to experience Truth, to find self, to know one’s self, to polish the character, the outer facets of the Gem of Soul.

The quality of your thoughts, your unselfish works for humanity, and your understanding of God, this is the Discrimination of Life.

In the world of Spirit the vibration is Love in Light.

If Phlogiston be the Essence of God, then Light expressed as Love manifests form.

Form comes in shape and feeling and thought, is Spirit.

This is the non physical realm of existence, a place of greater sensitivity, of beauty, of spectacular colour, of peace, of harmony, of music and sound, of creatures of attunement to the presence and power of God, God, God, beautiful God, and wondrous God in all things.


The peace of Spiritual understanding dwell within your temple now and always

The indwelling presence of the Unknown Watcher is upon you

Consciousness of Godliness fills your life stream now

Green pastures of Spiritual truth surround and comfort you

Gentle waves of Healing tenderness caress your Soul

Cleanse your Spirit

Wash away your pain and restore your strength

Live to Love the All in All

Live not to Mourn

We who watch, wait

It is not too late

Live Life!

So be it, as it is Decreed, now and forever,


Sunkara 1998

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