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Spiritualism is a word which carries many ramifications, interpretations, diversity of opinions and viewpoints.
Spiritualism Australia is dedicated as a Central Unification of diverse opinions with a common thread, banded under one heading, to provide Strength in Unity through Diversity.
We are not a Church in the conventional sense, with ground-based premises for Worship, providing Services such as Weddings, Divorces, Baptisms, and fellowship.
We are strictly Internet based Not for Profit association, offering Education, Knowledge, Esoteric Occult Insight and Worship in the privacy of one’s home in the knowledge, one is part of a World-Wide Spiritual Family.  We provide suggested Books and communicate via Poetry. 
Spiritualism Australia is a Movement for Peaceful, Social Change based on an enlightened insight into a Religion consisting of established conventional Australian Churches, comprised of individuals of like mind and purpose.
United in the acceptance of the Divinity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, the Spiritual Corinthian Gifts in all. 
Spiritualism Australia combines Religion, Philosophy & Science, is based upon the knowledge proven of human personality survival beyond the grave, the continuity of Life, the true Principles of Reincarnation, the existence of Spiritual Reality.

Spiritual Beings incarnate in a physical, Mortal body with a common purpose – to overcome the last obstacle Death, to become the Immortal Soul in aware consciousness. 
The ability to communicate with the Living Individual Spirits out of the Body dwelling in a multi layered Spirt World.
We share the basic Tenents of established Spiritual Churches.
I know there is a Universal Cosmic Consciousness, expressed in simple Terms, GOD, which permeates all the seen and unseen Duality of Nature, a Creative Principle beyond Man’s comprehension.
We reject the man created Gods, known as Anthropomorphic, which have been created by man in ignorance and superstition, given a Gender and Human characteristics by a Sacerdotal Class, driven by Spiritual greed & Power.
We know the “Golden Rule”, the Reality of Karma, of consequence of cause and effect, of personal accountability, responsibility, the Truth of “Do unto others as we would have done unto us.”
In Poetic form “We each determine our Future State by our Actions of late” – The Law of Karma is Perfection in Nature, which all Humans come before. 
The existence of Immortal beings, Human and Alien known as Spiritual Guides, who have overcome the final obstacle, DEATH who reach back to us as we reach out to them for Guidance in our personal quests for Godliness.
We are Spirits manifest in Mortal Form, each no more significant than another for we Souls are Sister, Brother, Father, Mother, each the other, upon a Divine eternal Mission to bring forth the God within, a Journey Eternal.
We know thou shalt not Murder nor commit Adultery, nor Steal, nor covet another nor defame another, that LOVE is the Key to all.  
In Australia SPIRITUALISM was recognized as a Religious Denomination by Federal Law, founded by Mrs. Anne McCann of Sydney who in 1974 made enquiries through the Attorney General’s Department, regarding Spiritualism, becoming a recognised Denomination.
Mrs. McCann was informed by the Attorney General that to form a Denomination under the Law at that time, she would require 13 or more Churches. Mrs. McCann wrote to all the Spiritualist churches within Australia, received letters from over 13 Churches,

Who were interested in forming a Denomination.  The Documents were sent to Federal Parliament and through being presented, were passed by an act of Parliament, by the then Governor General, on the 25th August 1975.
Individual Fellowship,

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Spiritualism Australia

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